A Word on Vladimir (Nabokov)

Reader. As you may have surmised at this point, my style of addressing you is not unique. No it is taken directly from the author Vladimir Nabokov. I have as of late been engrossed in his work titled Despair, and have decided to address you as he might. Have you read the Times today? Just this morning an article was published by another Nabokov lover who followed the trails of Humbert Humbert across America. Despite there being no nymphet in the passenger seat, Landon Jones’ reverence for Humbert is both chilling and quite respectable. Nabokov, although born in Petersburg in 1899 had an acute awareness of the United States of America and chased its influences fervently. Of course what Mr. Jones is trying to do is not so unlike my own adventure; part literary pilgrimage, part vacation, part research trip. And so I implore you, dear reader to take a look at this article, if not only for that it is a fascinating read.



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